MOVE Specials Advertised In Online Ads

To Grocery Lists Customized For Your Store!

Customers click Specials advertised in your store's Weekly Flyer and add them along with selections from over 350 generic items to create a personal digital list.

Smart Phone & Tablet Compatible

We format your Weekly Flyers so customers can quickly and easily move Specials from your Flyer onto their digital shopping list


  • According to an article published in ACNeilsen report, 42% of all respondents said they grocery shop with a list "all the time."

  • 58% of total adults surveyed say build online shopping lists

  • Among [grocery] insert readers...63% generated shopping lists based on inserts.

  • 52% of dads now saying they are the primary grocery shopper. 63% of those dads create a detailed shopping list.

  • Bottom Line: Customers with grocery lists buy 25% more of what's on their list in YOUR store.


♦ Minimal IT Involvement

♦ Customer Friendly

♦ Smart Phone & Tablet Compatible

♦ Always Up-to-date

♦ Lowest Set-up Expense

♦ Lowest Weekly Maintenance Expense


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Your store can have up to 5 Flyer pages with as many Special items as needed!
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